In The Press

I have had a few images and articles published in the past. It is something that I am starting to promote a lot more now and I hope to be able to include more submissions on here in the future.

Amateur Photographer Magazine September 2006

I was published in the Readers Portfolio Section of Amateur Photographers Magazine.

BBC Wildlife November 2008 – Cheetah Kill

I spent four hours watching this cheetah in the Masai Mara in January. She had four cubs and eventually hunted and killed a Thompson’s gazelle – the image shows its last moments of life. I was lucky enough to watch the female and her cubs feed.

Nature Kenya and Kenya Birding

I have been a regular contributor to Nature Kenya and Kenya Birding, providing articles and images. I donated the images for free and any money raised from print sales. I donate to Nature Kenya.

Irish Daily Mirror

My lion with the cub in its mouth was published in the Daily Mirror as a result of the IPF competition.


I have had several images used on websites. I have also written articles for some websites about photography or Kenya. (Search the web Paul McDougall)

Competitions and Awards

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year

WPOY – I have entered the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition on a few occasions. S I enjoy the challenge of this competition and the inspiration that the winners provide every year.

Irish Photographic Federation Photographic Competition

One of my images won 2nd place in the IPF competition,. Ireland’s biggest photographic competition. The image was the lion with the cub in its mouth. It scored well with the judges.