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​Paul McDougall

Wildlife Photographer

Paul Mcdougal

Welcome to my world of wildlife photography. On this site you can purchase prints, gifts, book photographic tours or just enjoy some of my images of the amazing wildlife that I have encountered.

I’m a photographer of wildlife from the UK living in Scotland. Some of my favourite places are Kenya, Uganda, India and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

I was born in 1979 and grew up on a diet of walks in the countryside and birding holidays. I watched endless wildlife documentaries and always dreamed of going to all of these places to see them for myself. My passion for photography started when I was 15 and grew when I lived in South Africa, this year long excursion was to begin my fascination and love for the land, wildlife and cultures of Africa.

Since 1998 I have travelled extensively. I have been to Kenya and Masai Mara every year since 2000. In 2004 I achieved my Bronze Level in Guiding (Kenyan Park Services Guiding Association). I have led group tours and photographic safaris in Kenya for the last 16 years.

Kenya will always be my special place, I have lived here on and off over the years. I have spent many days and months viewing some incredible wildlife and working tirelessly on capturing a unique portfolio of images. My favourite animals to photograph are lions and I have spent a lot of time with these incredible big cats.

Outside of Kenya my highlight is trekking for red pandas in the Indian Himalayas. I became one of the first photographers outside of India to capture these beautiful animals in the wild, in just over 10 days I was fortunate to have some incredible encounters and to capture some unique images.

I love being outdoors and travelling with my camera. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph a lot of amazing wildlife. Tigers in the Indian Forests, Gorillas in the Ugandan Mountain Forests, Cheetahs in Masai Mara, Caracal in Samburu, Polar Bears in Canada, Brown Bears in Finland, Asian Elephants in Corbett.

I also have some incredible destinations on my doorstep and try to spend as much time as I can photographing Red Deer, Red Squirrels and Pine Martins in the highlands, White Tailed Eagles and Otters on the Scottish Islands.

There is always an opportunity to try and capture something different and unique.

I use Nikon Equipment. My equipment has evolved over the years. I started on a Nikon film camera (F80), my first lion image in Maasai Mara was captured using this camera. I now use Nikon D850 and Nikon D4s camera bodies with a variety of lenses including a 600mm lens.

Over the years my approach to photography has changed. I like many others went through a stage where the number of likes on social media was the most important thing, but now I approach my photography differently, I do it because I enjoy it, I do it because I love wildlife and I do it because I am always learning. Some of my best images have never been shared on social media and this is the way I like it now!!!

I enjoy helping and teaching others to capture better images, this has always been the focus of my photographic tours. I enjoy the constant challenge of wildlife photography, capturing unique scenes where wildlife, light and landscape come together for that one special frame or where unique and distinct behaviour is captured for that split second. This is what keeps me going back to the same locations time and time again.

Check out the gallery for examples of some of my work. Visit my shops to view and purchase prints, digital downloads and unique photo gifts. Read my blog posts to see some of my thoughts on photography and stories of my own projects and trips. If you love what you see and are interested in seeing more of the amazing destinations why not join me on a safari – check out more in the tour section.”

I hope my images inspire others to pick up a camera and learn more about the amazing planet that we live on.

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