I often get asked the question

How do you make money from photography?

The answer is that it is very tough. The quality of cameras now is outstanding and the opportunities to capture images are endless. The competition is fierce. However selling prints is still a way to generate some income streams.

I used to invite people to contact me to purchase images by email and then we would discuss sizes and finish and then price. Then i would print and ship. This was a laborious and quite expensive process.

I then researched a few different options and came across Picfair


Buying Wildlife Images


Picfair is a great platform that allows you to upload images and set the prices and then any prints or digital downloads or advertising licenses are all done through the Picfair platform.

It is very simple to use.

  • Select the Image
  • Select whether you want a Commercial License (Digital Download), Advertising License or a Print.
  • If you want the commercial or advertising license click this option and it will be added to your basket.
  • If you select print.
  • Select what country you are in.
  • After selecting this select whether you would like a Canvas Wrap, Framed and Mounted Print or a Giclee Art Print.
  • Then select the Size and ensure you are happy with how it looks.

It is that simple.

I set the price at £25 for an image. If it is a digital download apart from a small admin fee – that is all you pay.

If you want a print then after picking the size and finish you will be given a final price and in most cases there is no shipping cost.

Picfair take care of all of the printing and framing at very reasonable prices.

It is a great platform to get started with print sales and really enables everyone to have an opportunity to make money from their photography. Give it a go. You might be surprised.

If you see an image on any of my social media pages or on my website that you love then please let me know and i will make it available for purchase.

Buying Wildlife Photographs
Buying Wildlife Photos

Paul McDougall on Picfair

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Can’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact me to purchase any image from the galleries, I will then add it to the shop.

Buying Wildlife Images

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