I have always been lazy when it comes to British Wildlife Photography.

Despite living in Scotland – one of the most beautiful and wildlife rich areas anywhere. I have taken very few images in the UK.

I got stuck in a rut and only ever really used my camera gear when I was abroad in India or Africa, which I was fortunate enough to do every year.

But this all started to change a couple of years ago.

I started to go out and explore the local area – I live 10 minutes away from an amazing RSPB reserve that has otters and kingfisher and all kinds of other amazing wildlife.

I then started to photograph some of the amazing garden birds.

Then started to travel further away – Northeast Scotland, West Coast of Scotland, and the islands.

I now have a collection of images showcasing some of the incredible wildlife, right in front of my eyes.

Taking an image and the feeling you get is the same everywhere, whether that be photographing lions in Kenya, Tigers in India, or Gorillas in Uganda. I have actually got as much pleasure, if not more watching otters’ fish on Mull and waiting for hours for them to come close enough to get a reasonable image.

It just took me a while to realise this.

Otters have become my obsession in the UK now, I have seen them, I have photographed them – but I still don’t have “the shot” = but that is what it is all about. Wildlife Photography should be challenging, and it should be fun. It should not be pressured or all about the “Hollywood Species” It should be about spending time with wildlife, watching and waiting for that special moment.

Due to Corona Virus I can’t go abroad this year, but I will be spending 2 weeks in remote areas of Scotland…hopefully getting images of all the best that Scotland has to offer….I can’t wait…


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