Bengal Tiger. Photograph by Wildlife Photographer Paul McDougall.


Tiger Expedition

Location: Tiger Reserves, India
Availability: Year Round
Dates: Contact for places and dates
Duration: 13 Nights 14 Days
Price pp*: From £5,500
Places (4 max): Places Available
Your guide: Paul McDougall
* Price per person based on 4 people.
Maximum of 4 photographers per vehicle.

Tiger Safari

About Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Well known as the jewel of Vidarbha, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has grown in popularity due to the surge in photographer traffic that thronged the forest to shoot tiger cubs during the 2010-2013 season. The park has become a hot spot for tiger photography in India today, with some more limelight due to the presence of a young black panther in the tourism zones. Tadoba is rich in biodiversity. Apart from big cats like tigers and leopards, Tadoba is also a great place for big games like sloth bears, wild dogs (Dhol) and the Indian gaur.

About Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench national park is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh and named after the river Pench. But it is famously known as the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling to pen down the iconic Jungle Book and hence this is Mowgli Land. Yes, this is the national park to visit, if you want to capture the magic of Mowgli’s world in your lens. A completely unique habitat comprises of teak, characteristic ghost trees and black rock formations that stand out, Pench is also known for some of its iconic tigers who have recorded their names in history books because of their legendary feats. Collarwali – a Pench tigress – is one of them as she is a Guinness book record holder for the most successful breeding tigress in the world with maximum cub count. To know more about her get a copy of Shivang Mehta’s A Decade with Tigers.

About Bandhavgarh National Park

The royalty of India has frequented this national park, and there is a reason for it. Known as the hub for Royal Bengal tigers, Bandhavgarh National Park is considered one of the best locations for tiger photography. The national park consists of mixed vegetation ranging from tall grasslands and bamboo to thick Sal forests making it the perfect habitat for a variety of animals and birds. Due to its varied topography, Bandhavgarh national park provides ample opportunity to spot the majestic Indian tiger and some rarely seen animals like leopards and sloth bears. Areas like Ghoda Demon and the upper lying areas in Tala receive divine light early in the morning and evening and it is a dream to see and shoot a tiger in that scenario. The water bodies of the park are a perfect playground for tiger cubs in the warm summer months and some of the best action images of tigers have been taken in these waters.

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    Bengal Tiger photograph by Wildlife Photographer Paul McDougall.

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