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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography

From Taking a Shot to Capturing a Moment

436 pages packed full of images, hints and tips:
This book will put the focus on the important skills that you need to develop and transform into a competent and confident wildlife photographer.

For the wildlife photography beginner, you will learn how to get started in wildlife photography by understanding the basics. This includes –

  • Learning the challenges of wildlife photography and how to overcome them.
  • Knowing what wildlife photography equipment, you REALLY need and how to choose the right wildlife photography gear.
  • Learn how to master your camera by fully understanding priority shooting modes and when to use them.
  • Learn default camera settings that will enable you to be able to capture most wildlife photography images instantly.
  • Take control of your photography by knowing exactly how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect exposure and your ability to capture incredible moments.
  • Understanding the importance of depth of field and how to control it.
  • Mastering angles of light and the ideal scenarios for each type of light.
  • Fully understand artistic composition techniques like: Framing the shot, Leading Lines, Depth of Field, Texture, Patterns, The Rule of Thirds, Negative Space and more.
  • Fully understand focus modes and when to use them.
  • Master back button focus for wildlife photography action shots and birds in flight.
  • Understand workflow and how to process images efficiently with maximum impact.
  • Understand the importance of story telling in your images and assignments.
  • Helping you to develop the wildlife photographer’s mindset and previsualise what your final image will look like.
The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Wildlife Photography

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